What does Chegg do and why am I so excited about it?

I got quite a few requests to explain what Chegg does to help students. Below you will find a brief description of Chegg and its products:

As I mentioned in my last post, Chegg is the academic hub that helps students save time, save money and get smarter! Here is a quote from Chegg’s website:

Everything we do, we do with students’ interests in mind, whether it’s saving them millions of dollars on textbooks, assisting them with scheduling courses, or providing them with homework help

Below you will find the suite of products Chegg currently has to help students:

  1. Textbook rental: Why spend 500 bucks on books if you can spend 90? Chegg offers paper textbook rental and e-textbook rentals for students. Check out the e-textbook here
  2. Chegg connects students with college and scholarship opportunities through its product Zinch – Check it out
  3. Chegg helps students to study through the flashcards app. Why waste money and trees buying hundreds of flashcards if you can have a better system through a mobile app?  Check out the Chegg app out here
  4. Chegg also helps students to study through a homework assistance program called Chegg Homework Help. Check it out here
  5. Chegg knows students sometimes need an extra help, so they created an online tutoring service called Student of Fortune where students can get assistance in any question from tutors in a secure manner. The student posts a question and tells how much he/she is willing to pay for tutoring in that question. You can check Student of Fortune here
  6. Chegg also understands that the student community is a great place to find the help you need, so Chegg offers a student community sharing program called Notehall where students can help each other and get rewarded financially for helping each other through the selling of their summaries and notes. You can check Notehall here
  7. Chegg offers social media connections for students through a Facebook timeline app called My courses. The app gives you the ability to share the courses you’re taking with your friends. As more classmates connect their courses on Facebook, it will become easier to collaborate on homework assignments, study groups etc… Check out My Courses here
  8. Chegg also helps students in selecting the courses that are a better fit for them. Students can review courses and professors for courses they are thinking about registering for. Students can also write reviews about professors and classes to share with their student community. You can check out the course selection service here

These are the products Chegg currently has functioning. All of Chegg’s products offer great value to students trying to save money, time and become smarter. Obviously Chegg is committed to improving currently existing products and also in creating new and innovative products.  Can you imagine how much more room there is to innovate and help students with awesome and never designed User Experiences? That is why I joined Chegg. Can you tell I am excited?