Zinch Onboarding and Navigation

Digital Product / Interaction Design / UI Design / Usability / User Research / UX Design

Where: Chegg

Challenge: Zinch had something very attractive to users: Scholarships. But other than applying to scholarships, users did not see value in the product because they could not understand how to use it. Users felt overwhelmed by the product, not knowing what to do next.

Objective: Simplify the experience. Make it clear to users what to do next. Create a flow within the product that made sense as a story for the user.

Result: Designs successfully implemented. The simpler sign in page increased conversion by 5% and the new onboarding, paired with the new feed style signed in home page increased user retention by 15%.

Work performed: Information architecture, UI/UX design, visual design, journey mapping, ethnography, cardsorting excercises & usability