A little about me and how I got here


Diego is a Design and Product Leader.

Currently, Diego is working as a Product Designer at Facebook working on Stories – a fun way to share and view ephemeral content from friends using filters, stickers, music and augmented reality.

Prior to Facebook Diego created award winning products at 3 successful startups in Silicon Valley: Pocket (acquired by Mozilla/Firefox), Chegg (IPO) and Meebo (acquired by Google).

Diego also worked at two design consulting groups in Boston: Essential Design, where he got a chance to work on human machine interaction in robots like the Roomba and at the User Experience Center at Bentley University, researching the intersection of human factors, perception and design.

Originally from Brazil, Diego loves to travel. He has visited 58 countries (and counting) already. Diego has a BS in Psychology from Gordon College, an MBA from Hult International Business School and an MS in Human Factors in Design from Bentley University.



My Design Story

Growing up

Born and raised in Brazil, I spent my teenage years between living in Europe and Latin America. I went to college and graduate school in the Boston area.  In college I fell in love with understanding people and using my creativity to help them, which is why I majored in Psychology and Sociology.


2005 – 2010

From 2005 to 2010, I worked in Admissions and Marketing at Gordon College and Hult International Business School. I designed strategies to increase the number and quality of student enrollment, managed recruitment teams, traveled extensively and developed relationships in key local markets.  I was also responsible for successful digital marketing campaigns across several countries. That is when I realized the impact that good/bad design had on actual numbers and ROI and became interested in creating good digital products. During this time I also pursued my MBA at Hult, where I learned about Innovation, New Product Development and got a chance to work in the Innovation department of Dubai World.


2010 – 2012

I decided to shift my career to be 100% focused in UX and product development. I began the Human Factors in Design program at Bentley University. In early 2011 I joined the User Experience Center, a full UX consulting group based at Bentley. I worked in several major consulting projects in User Experience, Usability Testing, Eye-tracking, field studies and Interaction Design.

In mid 2011, I joined the team of consultants, engineers and researchers at Essential Design (Boston, MA) as a User Experience Consultant. There I worked in projects in user research, conceptualization and design with clients like iRobot, Puma and Legrand.


2012 to present

I changed coasts and  joined meebo as a UX Designer in Mountain View. At meebo I worked in the intersection of social media and consumer internet products. When Meebo was successfully acquired by Google I opted to continue in the start up space, and joined Chegg where I helped create web and mobile experiences that led to our IPO. In 2014 I left Chegg and joined Pocket as a Sr. Product Designer where I am currently helping to build award winning web and mobile products used by millions of people worldwide. I am now at Facebook, helping to design and build Facebook Stories.

While some people focus on silo skills over their careers, I have focused on the connectors: UX Design, UX Research, Innovation, Strategy and Business Growth. My objective with the experiences I have acquired is simple: to design products that improve people’s lives, impact the bottom line and make the world a better place.