Bethany Pickard, Experience Design Lead, Google (formerly at Meebo and First Giving) – Via Linkedin

“Diego has been an incredible partner on the UX team at Meebo. He leverages his strong user research background to focus every phase of the design process – discovery, ideation, prototyping, and iterating – on meeting user needs with high standards of quality. This combined with his business intuition and strong interpersonal skills make him an incredible asset to researchers, designers, product managers, and engineers. Diego is skilled at quickly understanding and articulating a problem, generating ideas for possible solutions, and then implementing a well-developed plan, keeping the team in the loop with excellent communication from start to finish. He is one of the most collaborative and inclusive people I have ever worked with, and I recommend him without reservation.” June 7, 2012

Anna Phan, Product Designer and Master’s Fellow, MIT (formerly at Chegg and Ebay) – Via Linkedin

“Diego and I met at Chegg when it was a smaller company and he played a hybrid role of a UX researcher and designer. As a researcher, I was amazed how quickly he was able to get users to open up and share their stories, which allowed us to gather rich insights about their lives and pain points. As a designer, he demonstrated his ability to tackle complex problems, quickly generate a variety of concepts, and collaborate with engineers and product managers to implement designs.

Diego is a natural leader. He is charismatic, takes initiative, and enjoys learning from his peers. One of Chegg’s company values is to constantly add to the energy and make others around you better. Diego embodies this value and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and call him my friend.” June 7, 2012

Delyan Raychev, Principal Software Engineer, Thin Air (Formerly Facebook, Apple, Google and Meebo)– Via Linkedin

“Without a doubt Diego has been one of the most amazing UX professionals I have had a chance to work with in Silicon Valley. A person with deep understanding of the business, great experience and critical thinking, he took the Meebo team to a higher level. Diego was instrumental in pushing Meebo monetization products to meet and exceed the quality demanded by the most prestigious agencies and the top tier publishers that partnered with us. Always with a positive attitude, always energetic and working hard, Diego directly contributed to Meebo’s revenue growth. It’s not often that one gets to work with such talent as Diego – I am definitely privileged and would recommend him to any potential employer.” June 12, 2012

Umanka Hebbar Karkada, Senior UX Designer, Google (formerly Meebo and Dish) – Via Linkedin

“Diego is a super talented person with a really wide range of skill set in both UX Research and Design. He was able to conduct really well defined user research and tests in an Agile scrum environment, which is impressive. He also helped me with some of my Interaction design work with useful feedback. He is an awesome team member and its really fun working with him.” June 11, 2012

Jake Cressman, Product Designer, Google (formerly Meebo, Electronic Arts and Ebay) – Via Linkedin

“I worked on the UX team at Meebo with Diego and was impressed with his deep understanding of design research methods and his ability to clarify complex problems. He’s also a cool guy and very fun to collaborate with.” June 11, 2012

David Barnett, Software Developer, Google (formerly at Meebo) – Via Linkedin

“Diego took all the complex requirements we gave him for our product and cut the complexity down to something that was simple to implement, intuitive to use, and powerful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a quality designer.” June 9, 2012

Omeed Badri, Art Director, Disney Interactive (formerly Meebo, Electronic Arts and Capcom) – Via Linkedin

“Diego collaborated with my team on producing new ad units for Meebo. Diego has a great ability to think through the entire flow of the users experience and optimize every facet of the unit. He is proactive, well prepared for meetings, and gives thorough analysis as a follow up summary. Diego seemed to make all the projects easier because of his command of each phase of the project. To top it all off, he has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend Diego highly and he would be an asset to any organization.” June 9, 2012

Lena Dmitrieva – Senior Consultant, Design and Usability Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diego in User Experience consulting projects for a number of different large and mid-sized companies. Diego is a top-notch professional, who is always thinking outside the box. His creativity, analytical skills, amazing work ethic, and fun nature make him easy to work with. Diego worked extremely well with clients and teammates and was an essential part of our team.” January 24 2012

Julie Yao Cooper – Professor and Consultant in Strategic Market Research, Hult (formerly at The Monitor Group and Goldman Sachs)– Via Linkedin

“I have had the privilege to know Diego in two contexts: as my student and as a professional colleague at Hult. Diego possesses many admirable qualities: intelligent, articulate, and personable, he radiates a self-confidence and maturity beyond his years. Most importantly, he has demonstrated a work ethic and moral compass of highest integrity. Even with demanding goals and pressures, Diego has demonstrated an unwavering adherence to his principles and success, with integrity.” March 12, 2011

Britt Carlson – Associate VP for College Relations and Annual Giving – Via Linkedin

“As Diego’s direct supervisor for three years, I had the opportunity to observe his dedication and steady work ethic on a daily basis. A critical thinker and a team player, Diego set a high standard and a stellar example for his peers in the office.” December 4, 2008

Kaye Cook – Professor of Psychology, Gordon College – Via Linkedin

“Diego is an unusual student and a great person. He engages wholeheartedly and thoughtfully with everything he does. I appreciate his quick mind, his desire to know more, and his eagerness to bring about positive change. His academic skills are excellent; his people skills are unmatched. He recognizes and respects the needs of others, and makes strong and lasting commitments, while also envisioning change. I am glad to know him.” July 12, 2009